They work with ancestral techniques to transmit the authentic artisan value of each piece

Jessica Chapman
Jessica Chapman

Craft process

Tyler Almada

Tyler Almada

Each piece is unique

Nilson Smith

Nilson Smith

Raw material

Our History

SANKORE, is a sample of objects selected in different points of Africa, a small window that allows us to approach a magical world and unknown for the great majority, trying to transmit the authentic artisan value of each piece.

The materials

In Sankore you will be able to find unique handmade articles, ranging from ethnic fabrics, wood carvings with local symbols, raffia bags, baskets, bronze products, and so on …

The techniques

Among the techniques that we use in the elaboration of our articles is the care of the matter, since they are handmade products and you will not find two equal.



It all starts with the picking of the cotton, work that the women do, from there it goes to the loom where the men finish the work giving rise to towels, bedspreads, cushions, carpets, etc..


The wood is carved in a totally handcrafted way with crazy symbols for the creation of masks, figures, fetishes, batons, slingshots, puppets, pulleys, looms, etc.


Our basketry comes mainly from the city of Bolgatanga in Ghana. Its manufacture has been passed on from generation to generation. It is made from a variety of herbs known as “elephant grass”.

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