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Sankore África

Indigo Gao Sheath

Indigo Gao Sheath

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Country: Mali.

Material: Cotton.

Measurements: 40x40cm


Our smooth, seamless indigo fabrics are from Mali. Most are hand-spun cotton, although some fabrics are machine-spun. Hand-spun fabrics are slightly heavier than machine-spun. All cloth is made from narrow strips that are sewn together to form a whole cloth, and then hand-dyed in indigo. In most cases each fabric is a unique creation: there is only one. Q

For its elaboration it begins by collecting cotton, work that is carried out above all by women . Obtained the raw material, it is spun. Once we have the thread prepared, it is passed to the loom . On small and rudimentary horizontal two-pedal looms, long strips that can reach 27 m are sewn, but only 10 or 15 cm wide. Once the strip is finished , it is cut into pieces and sewn by hand with fine stitches so as not to harden the fabric. The color indigo is a natural dye  which is obtained from the stems of the indigofera plant . Each piece has a story behind it, with its own character and identity.

All our cushion covers have been made with unique pieces of indigo and made in Spain.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

*Padding not included.

*Dry clean recommended.

*Each piece is unique. Check if there are more units available or similar at:

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