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Jujuhat XL made of natural feathers.

Country: Cameroon

Material: Natural feathers

Measurements: 100cmø


JujuHats are a symbol of prosperity and wealth .

Along with African masks, JujuHats are used in tribal ceremonies. When an elder dies, the Juju hats are passed on to the next generation, thus inheriting the wealth and position of the person who has died.

Made with bird feathers , each hat is unique and is carefully constructed by a group of up to 4 artisans over several days. The feathers are painstakingly hand-sewn onto a base of raffia fiber, which is woven to create the support structure, and then the beautiful bird feathers flare outward in a large circle. They are made during the dry months of the year, so that the grasses and feathers can be dried before manufacturing.

Feathers are considered rare objects of beauty and are a symbol of prosperity and wealth associated with the positive qualities of birds.

They are used by renowned interior designers to decorate their clients. There are many interesting ways to decorate with these hats and their majestic presence always adds character to any wall .

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