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Kente Ntcham Fabric

Kente Ntcham Fabric

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Country: Ghana

Material: Cotton and silk

Measurements: 112X192cm (there may be small variations)


Kente fabric is a type of silk and pure cotton fabric with traditional patterns of geometric motifs, composed of stripes and made on a loom. It is typical of the Akan people, an ethnic group in southern Ghana.

The art of kente weaving is allowed only to men who, on small sliding looms, weave the tight strips of cotton and silk. They are then cut and sewn together lengthwise to create male and female garments similar to togas. E ach thread tells a story, displaying vibrant patterns and colors that symbolize important values, beliefs and events. The geometric patterns and specific colors of Kente cloth have symbolic meanings, conveying messages about history and social status in the Ashanti community.

It is a traditional craft of the Ashanti community of that country.

Diverse Uses: This Kente fabric is versatile, suitable for making clothing, interior decoration or even pieces of art, adding a touch of African authenticity to any use.

Lush Aesthetics: The combination of silk and cotton not only guarantees durability, but also a soft feel to the touch and a lush aesthetic that highlights the craftsmanship.

Each piece is unique and may suffer small variations since it is a handmade piece.

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