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Casa Decor 2023 begins

Casa Decor 2023 is here! As decoration lovers, at Sankore we are very excited about the event that awaits us from April 13 to May 28. This year, the exhibition is located in one of the most emblematic streets of Madrid, Calle Serrano. The building chosen for the occasion is an old 19th century mansion that has been carefully restored to house the creations of the most outstanding decorators in Spain.

The list of designers participating in Casa Decor 2023 is impressive, covering a wide range of decorative styles. From the most classic to the most avant-garde, visitors will find a variety of spaces and environments that will surely not leave anyone indifferent.
Among the participating designers, some names that are already familiar in the world of decoration stand out, such as Pepe Leal , Erico Navazo and Beatriz Silveira , who will surprise us with their latest creations. There will also be new talents, such as Marta de la Rica , Raúl Martins and Manuel Espejo , who will show us their fresh and contemporary vision of decoration.


We will also see how the most innovative products are trending, such as exotic natural stones; resistant porcelain surfaces with a minimum thickness; decorative coverings capable of imitating with great realism materials such as wood, concrete, brick or textures inspired by nature; As we mentioned in our post a few weeks ago " Trends in decoration 2023 ". We will also see how technology is increasingly integrated into the homes of the future with induction hobs or smart fabrics with a self-cleaning function.

Casa Decor is also a reflection of the new ways of living given by the social context. Thus, in addition to kitchens that have become the heart of the home or bathrooms designed as temples of well-being, we have witnessed innovative proposals that have arisen as a result of different social circumstances. Thus, for example, the isolation experienced years ago led professionals to propose spaces for working at home or carrying out individual or family leisure activities.

Space Casa Decor Marta Labrador 2022 with bamileke Sankore table

In short, Casa Decor 2023 promises to be a unique experience for lovers of decoration and design. With an impressive location on Calle Serrano in Madrid, and the participation of some of the most prominent designers in Spain, we are sure that this exhibition will be a resounding success. We are lucky that this year our physical store is very close to the mansion where the event is held ( Calle Claudio Coello 95 ), so stay tuned for news because we will have many surprises in the coming weeks.


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