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About us

We are a Spanish company, in love with Africa and its culture. Our goal is to show the world the wonders of the African continent by importing artisan pieces from different parts of the continent.
We make a meticulous selection of the objects that we want to show and some of them, such as fabrics, wood, etc. we transform them in Spain to use them in our homes. Making unique homes since they are pieces that do not exist elsewhere.
At Sankore we are committed to pieces with history, all the pieces we work with are unique and handmade, they all have a meaning that we love to transmit to our clients.
We chose the name of Sankore because it is the name of one of the first universities in the world, many writings say that it was the first, it is in the famous city of Timbuktu, in Mali.
Africa is a continent of great cultural and artisan wealth thanks to the knowledge of its people in carrying out the work, we offer unique pieces made by the hands of African artisans with the same techniques of yesteryear.
We work in 11 countries of the continent directly with the artisans.
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