Discover the Exclusive Collaboration with ATELERI22B – Sankore África

Discover the Exclusive Collaboration with ATELERI22B

At Sankore Africa, we pride ourselves on offering a carefully curated selection of artisanal products that capture the rich cultural heritage of the African continent. Today, we are excited to present our latest collaboration with ATELERI22B , a brand that embodies the essence of contemporary craftsmanship.

Art and Elegance United

ATELERI22B is more than a brand: it is an expression of creativity, craftsmanship and elegance. Founded on tradition and innovation, its focus on quality and originality aligns perfectly with the values ​​of Sankore Africa.

The Exclusive Collection at Sankore: Celebrating African Craftsmanship

Our collaboration with ATELERI22B brings an exclusive collection that fuses African essence with contemporary design. These pieces are designed by Violain Beh, the founder of the brand, with her minimalist and singular vision of African design. Furthermore, this brand is supported by solid pillars, being very committed to our environment and society:

Ecodesign: Creating well-thought-out, bold and high-quality design objects, always at a fair price. Their products are made to last beyond fashion codes and trends, and are respectful of people and the planet throughout their life cycle.

Social and environmental implication:
1. Work for women: Support female entrepreneurship by rewarding artisans through fair remuneration, offering them an environment conducive to local creation to limit rural exodus and improve their status.

2. Promote an open, inclusive and supportive society: Support and collaborate, both in Africa and France, whenever possible, with establishments dedicated to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities.

Each Piece Tells a Story

Each ATELERI22B item is an ode to tradition and local craftsmanship. Behind every piece, there is a rich and authentic story that reflects African cultural heritage. From the selection of materials to the meticulous craftsmanship in Senegal, every detail is carefully cared for to offer a unique and meaningful experience.

Connection to the Community and African Art

ATELERI22B is committed to the community and local artisans, working in collaboration with them to preserve and promote traditional craft techniques. This collaboration not only presents exceptional products, but also drives and supports the sustainability and development of African communities.

Immerse yourself in the ATELERI22B Experience in Sankore Africa

At Sankore Africa, we are proud to partner with brands that value authenticity, quality and cultural heritage. The addition of ATELERI22B to our platform not only expands our offer, but also offers our users a unique and exclusive experience.

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