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Exploring Bolgatanga Basketry: A Ghanaian Handicraft Treasure

In the heart of Ghana, lies an artisan gem that has captivated people around the world: Bolgatanga basketry. These beautiful and versatile handwoven baskets are true works of art, embodying the skill and tradition of local artisans. Let's delve into the fascinating world of Bolgatanga basketry and discover the history and charm of these unique creations.

An ancient tradition woven with care

Bolgatanga basketry has its roots in the culture of the Gurunsi tribe of Ghana, who have practiced this technique for centuries. The baskets are created from the grass known as "elephant grass ", which is harvested and dried in the sun before being dyed with natural dyes obtained from local plants and minerals. With skill and patience, the artisans weave the fibers together, creating beautiful patterns and unique designs.

handmade basket

A way of life and cultural expression

Bolgatanga basketry is not only a livelihood for local artisans, but it is also a way of preserving the culture and traditions of the community. These baskets play a vital role in people's daily lives, used to transport and store food, carry objects, and as decorative items in homes. Each basket tells a story, reflecting the identity and creativity of the artisans who created them.

Evolution and adaptation in recent years

Over the years, Bolgatanga basketry has evolved and undergone changes in its designs and techniques . The artisans have begun to incorporate modern elements and contemporary styles, always maintaining the authentic spirit of traditional crafts. This has allowed Bolgatanga baskets to transcend borders and be appreciated as unique and elegant pieces of decoration all over the world.

Explore the heritage of Bolgatanga basketry in Sankore

At Sankore Africa, our commitment goes beyond offering only Bolgatanga woven baskets. We are also proud to present a wide variety of products that incorporate the tradition of basketry with a modern and contemporary twist.

Our collection includes a range of carrycots, bags and paipays, all made with the mastery and artisan care that distinguishes Bolgatanga artisans. Each piece combines cultural heritage and experience passed down from generation to generation with fresh and contemporary designs, thus offering a perfect fusion between tradition and modernity.


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