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African Paipay

Our basketry comes mainly from the city of Bolgatanga, in Ghana.

Bolga is known as the handicraft center of northern Ghana, with a large central market, where you can find the famous Bolga baskets, which are made and sold there.

Its manufacture has been passed down from generation to generation. It is made with herbs known as "elephant straw" or "veta vera", very rigid and resistant fibers. It begins with a careful process of selecting the appropriate fibers. Then these are cut, divided into smaller fibers, intertwined, dyed in boiling water with natural dyes, left to dry and finally braided into the basket.

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Ashanti heads

The Ashanti live in the central part of Ghana and are one of the most important groups from an artistic point of view. Their Akuaba dolls are one of the most recognizable shapes on the continent. These types of terracotta heads are relatively rare, and were designed as funerary markers for important chiefs.

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Our basketry comes mainly from the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana. The material used is called "elephant grass", very resistant and durable.

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Batonga Dishes

Batonga dishes are named after the Batonga of Zimbabwe, who in the 1960s were displaced to the Binga district. The Batonga Decorative Plate is a masterpiece of African craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted by talented artisans from the Batonga tribe in Africa.

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bozo fish

Wooden figures in the form of articulated puppets that were used in the villages of the BOZO tribes or ethnic group in Mali, and are an essential element of their culture and traditions.

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bronze heads

Our collection is a tribute to the timeless craftsmanship of the ancient kingdoms of Benin and Ife, two cradles of civilization that have left an indelible mark on world art history. Each bronze head is a window into past greatness, a direct connection to the traditions and magic of these ancient realms.

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This collection is a tribute to the deep interconnection between cultures and nature in Africa. From the Benin and Ife Bronze Decorative Heads to the Figurines of Animals and Baobab Trees with Nature Spirits, and from the Dogon Figurines of Warriors, Queens and Kings to pieces that capture the essence of African nobility, each work teacher is a treasure in itself.

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Candlesticks and Vases

Sankore candlesticks and vases come directly from Tamegroute, Morocco, a pottery village that has been producing pottery with a distinctive green color for years. His way of working with ceramics is totally organic and the result is wonderful.

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The carrycots are one of the star pieces of Sankore in summer.

Like all of our basketry, we bring them directly from Bolgatanga, Ghana. They can be used as a beach carrycot and as a decorative element at home, decorating them with flowers or serving as a basket.

The ghana artisan basketry It is made from fabrics that come from local vegetable fibers. Using primarily a hardy grass variety, known as Elephant Grass.

The knowledge acquired by the artisans is inestimable heritage from their ancestors . Recognizing the value of the surrounding resources, they found an ideal raw material to be used for the benefit of present and future communities.

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Chickens Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso wood carved chickens are distinctive and significant pieces of decorative art from West African culture. Meticulously hand-carved and decorated, these wooden sculptures capture the essence of chickens in a stylized and artistic way. Its streamlined, streamlined shape is paired with intricate detailing that reflects the craftsmanship of the region's artisans.

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Colombian Bags

The Colombian bags that we have at Sankore are handmade by artisans from many areas of Colombia, whether they are Wayuu, Arhuacas or Kuna artisans, each bag has elements that distinguish it and make it authentic.

In his designs he always keeps in mind nature and the stories, experiences and legends of each of the towns.

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A selection of cushion covers made with the different fabrics from our catalogue. Combine them with each other and get a look with personality.

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Decorative Baskets

Basket weaving is a practice deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture and dates back centuries. The baskets are made primarily from plant fibers, such as palm, rush, and elephant grass , using traditional braiding and weaving techniques.

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Diary - Libro Muti

The Mute book collection (Libri Muti) reinterprets classic titles, playing with our memories.

A mix of traditional printing and binding techniques along with a fresh spirit, added by hand colored slicing.

Symbolic titles of authors such as Jules Verne, Dante or Homer, are transformed into a colored notebook to fill with your own stories.

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Dogon figures

Collection Dogon Figures made by artisans in Mali with the lost wax technique. Each piece is a testament to the cultural and spiritual richness of the Dogon, and an opportunity to bring a piece of their legacy into your home.

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At Sankore you can find a wide range of fabrics brought from different parts of the African continent and made of different materials. Cotton or palm leaf, all woven by hand by local artisans

A unique fabric for any occasion.

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Among the member countries, Ghana has established itself as the fundamental axis of cultural manufacturing in the entire region. And it is that the handmade basketry of Ghana is, without a doubt, worthy of recognition around the world, thanks to its special beauty and style. It is highly appreciated globally, and especially in Europe.

Our bags are a mixture of tradition, but without ceasing to be in trend with its Mediterranean style and its bright colors. The handles are 100% leather, so they will withstand all summer plans without problems.

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Ghana hats. The most iconic hat for summer.

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Juju Hats

The Jujuhats or Bamileke hats are a piece of decoration that with its feathers, colors and majestic presence, continues to conquer the walls of half the world.

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Sankore lamps are produced 100% in Spain. We use pieces such as fabrics and pottery that come directly from different countries in Africa and give them a second life. We carefully treat each piece to bring an exclusive and distinctive product to each home, which maintains all the African essence in the decoration.

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the masks African women play an important role in traditional ceremonies and dance theater. All African masks fall into one of five categories: ancestor spirits, mythological heroes, the combination of ancestor, hero, and animal spirits.

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nature in bronze

Our bronzes come mainly from Mali and Nigeria. If there is a technique that characterizes the work of metals in Africa, it is lost wax . For African cultures, animals and baobab trees are more than just physical entities; they are carriers of energy and spiritual presences that guide, protect and nurture life on earth.

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organization and storage

Stylish and minimalist pieces to be able to leave the pieces of your tableware that you use the most in sight and at hand.

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Sankore lampshades are made in Spain with our African fabrics. We work with unique pieces. You can contact us to customize your lamp and we will help you throughout the process.

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September Collection

September is a new beginning, new trends flood fashion and decoration, and the desire for renewal also reaches our home. At Sankore we have a selection for this month, so that you can be inspired and update the decoration of your home with handmade pieces.

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