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Sankore África

Tuareg XL Rug

Tuareg XL Rug

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Country: Mali

Material: Raffia

Measurements: 114X450cm


Each piece is a vintage masterpiece, handwoven with skill and care, carrying with it centuries of tradition and heritage.

Our Tuareg rugs capture the expansive and majestic essence of the Sahara Desert, home of the enigmatic Tuareg tribe. Each strand tells a story, each knot reflects the skill of past generations who have preserved this unique art. Meticulous attention to detail results in intricate patterns and rich colors that tell the story of the Tuareg people in a visually stunning way.

These rugs are more than just decorations for your home; They are tangible testimonies of Africa's rich cultural heritage. Its XL size adds an imposing dimension, creating a visual impact that transforms any space into an expression of timeless elegance.

At Sankore Africa, we are proud to offer authentic and high-quality products. Each XL Tuareg Rug we offer is unique , which means you will own an exclusive piece that tells its own story.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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