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Bikpakpaln round bag

Bikpakpaln round bag

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Country: Ghana

Material: Elephant grass

Measures: 29x7cm


Handmade bag by artisan women in the city of Bolgatanga, the Upper East region of Ghana. It is handwoven in elephant grass , a hardy variety of grass that is dyed to create these colorful designs.

It is a bag that mixes African tradition and European trends with a Mediterranean style, more or less colorful, to take it to all summer plans. Each product is unique, so no two bags are the same, each one with its characteristics that make it special.

Each piece is a fine work of art that accumulates hours of work and effort. With a finish that reaches the highest quality according to international standards, consisting of selecting, dehydrating and intertwining all the filaments to be used. In addition, we cannot forget to highlight the admirable quality of the process of being respectful of the environment .

In the interior of the country, this city is considered as the capital of Ghanaian basketry . That is why Bolga, as it is commonly known, is a clear reference for everything that basketry work with designation of origin implies.


*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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