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Ashanti Krache Head

Ashanti Krache Head

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Country: Ghana

Material: Terracotta

Measurements: 12x22x27cm


This impressive terracotta head is made by the Ashanti people of the ancient Gold Coast (present-day Ghana). It consists of a thin, ringed neck on a slightly wider base, which supports an oversized, child-like head. The features are very small and are represented in bas-relief.

The Ashanti live in the central part of the country and are one of the most important groups from an artistic point of view. Their Akuaba dolls are one of the most recognizable shapes on the continent. Its creation is attributed to the women of the tribe.

Pieces like this are relatively rare, and were designed as funerary markers for important chiefs. They were placed next to their portraits in sacred places.

It is an exclusive piece, with unique decorations, whose balanced features suggest always positive qualities.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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