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Ethiopia Silti Chair

Ethiopia Silti Chair

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Country: Ethiopia

Material: Wood

Measurements: 50x40x88cm


Chair from Ethiopia. An early 20th century chair from the Oromo people in eastern Ethiopia. Carved from a single block of native Wanza wood. The distinctive design of the open geometric pattern in the back rises from the bowl-shaped seat resting on tripod legs typical of the Guarage style.

The seat and backrest reflect the social status of the owner; They indicate a special place for a highly valued individual during community meetings or ceremonies. The chair is hand carved, showing a high level of woodworking skill.

This chair has a lovely dark tone, showing evidence of wear and tear as it shows a warm glossy patina along with the smoothing of the wood on the back and seat. It can be used as a decorative chair in any corner of the house.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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