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Ouagadougou Sun Mask

Ouagadougou Sun Mask

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Traditional mask of the Bwa ethnic group of Burkina Faso, hand carved.

Country: Burkina Faso

Material: 100% Wood

Measurements: 30x2x27cm

Measurements may vary a few cm due to the artisanal manufacturing process.


Traditional mask of the Bwa ethnic group of Burkina Faso; hand carved in Acajou wood and painted with natural dyes.

The Bwa live in some areas of southwestern Burkina Faso up to the Malian city of San, and live mainly from agriculture, also being great artisans.
The Bwa began to carve wooden masks for their rituals, based on the masks of their neighbors the Guruntsi and the Bobo.
All Bwa masks represent the spirits of nature that have some influence on humans.
Now they not only use masks for initiation ceremonies, but also on market days, funerals, and rites related to agriculture.

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