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Bozo fish S Zambezi

Bozo fish S Zambezi

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Country: Mali.

Material: Wood

Measurements: 36x6x11cm


Our Bozo Fish are hand carved by Bozo artisans in Mali. The Bozo are mainly a fishing people, coming from the Kingdom of Ghana who settled in Mali towards the SX. They are dedicated almost exclusively to fishing and its trade and exchange. Its culture and artworks are centered around its interaction with the Niger River. Thus, their cult of fishing and the importance of fish in their lives are understood. These types of puppets are used in different social events. They were used, for example, during the performance of dance troops of young men, members of local youth groups. They sing, dance, drum, manipulate puppets or dance masks while creating performances called Sogo Ba basket shape.

They are carved on a piece of wood and painted with Acajou paint.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

*Each piece is unique. Check if there are more units available or similar at:

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