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Animere Batonga Plate

Animere Batonga Plate

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Country : Zimbabwe

Material: palm leaf

Measurements: 40cm diameter

They owe their name to the Batonga of Zimbabwe, who were displaced to the Binga district in the 1960s. The Batonga Decorative Plate is a masterpiece of African craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted by talented artisans of the Batonga tribe in Africa. This stunning decorative plate combines the region's rich cultural tradition and artistic heritage with a contemporary twist.
These plates are ideal for decorating your paed or using them as containers.

To make it, various types of wild leaves, vines, and palm leaves dyed with tree bark are harvested. The larger size plates are still used by the Batonga for their original purpose of separating grain.

To weave a Binga plate, we start with a characteristic square base divided into four parts, then continue with a simple weave, finally finishing with a spiral fiber edge with a distinctive design.
It takes about three days to knit a 40 cm plate.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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