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Sankore África

Dogon Gurma Gate

Dogon Gurma Gate

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Country: Mali

Material: Wood

Measurements: 58x116cm


Hand-carved by local artisans, this door embodies the meticulousness and craftsmanship of generations. Its intricate design and finely crafted details tell ancient and mythological stories from the Dogon worldview. Each carving, each symbol, evokes a connection with the ancient wisdom and spirituality rooted in Dogon culture.

Made from durable wood and finished using traditional techniques, this door is a testament to quality and authenticity. Its robustness and durability ensure a piece of art that will last over time, carrying with it the essence and charm of the Dogon people.

Whether you are looking for a focal element for your ethnic art collection or want to incorporate African warmth and authenticity into your home or work space, this Dogon door is the perfect choice. Its uniqueness ensures that your environment is filled with the history and vibrant culture of Africa.

Each Dogon door is unique in its carving and meaning, making it a valuable investment both aesthetically and culturally. By purchasing this piece, you are not only decorating your surroundings, but you are also preserving and honoring an important part of African heritage.

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