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Kayes Dogon Gate

Kayes Dogon Gate

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Dogon door hand carved from a single piece of wood.

Country: Mali

Material: Wood

Measurements: 63x125cm

The Dogon are especially known for their religious traditions, mask dances, wooden sculpture and architecture. The doors are used in the tribe's granaries . Different figures and designs are sculpted on the wood that refer to their beliefs and mythology. A very common element is female breasts, which represent fertility. Other themes include warriors on horseback, animal figures, large crocodiles denoting strength and power, and rows upon rows of ancestors of the Dogon people.
Likewise, the motifs and symbols present on the doors are messages or warnings such as: "Do not open that door, be careful."
Additionally, these doors are created and exchanged as gifts for birthdays, weddings, and rites of passage.

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