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Koutiala Dogon Stool

Koutiala Dogon Stool

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Country: Mali

Material: Wood

Measurements: 24x32cm


This stool is hand carved by the Dogon ethnic group, in Mali. The Dogon live in Mali, in the southwestern part of the Niger Circuit. It is a mountainous region called the "Bandiagara Cliffs", a long sandstone range located in Mali in the Mopti region, around which the Dogon Country extends.

Nowadays, stools are used in everyday life. Previously they represented the symbols of the authority of the so-called "Hogons" priests (the primordial ancestors of the Dogon cosmogony, a mythical theory about the formation of the Universe).

The seat is supported by four twin figures that embody the ancestors of the Dogon people: the Nommo.
It is a beautiful patina of use that models, according to Dogon mythology:
The sky (bottom of the stool),
The earth (top of the stool),
A tree that connects the two worlds (the middle poles).

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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