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Adzopé Baulé Fabric

Adzopé Baulé Fabric

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Country: Ivory Coast

Material: Cotton

Measurements: 100x140cm (there may be small variations)

Pareo or -pagne Baulé vintage- from Ivory Coast; Handmade on traditional looms based on fine cotton.

These crafts follow techniques dating back to the 10th century using traditional hanging looms.

First, the warp threads are dyed with natural dyes, mainly indigo, then the artisan places them spread out, configuring the desired Ikat design. Once on the loom, the weft is woven in a single color, obtaining a long band of fabric of about 10 cm. Wide. The final fabric is made up of between 9 and 11 narrow bands sewn together. A true work of genius

Each piece is unique and may suffer small variations since it is a handmade piece.

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