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Nioro du Sahel Bogolan Fabric

Nioro du Sahel Bogolan Fabric

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Country: Mali

Material: Cotton

Measurements: 155x106cm (there may be small variations)

Bogolan or Bògòlanfinies is a type of traditional West African fabric closely linked to the Mali culture.

This type of fabric is made with elongated strips of cotton that are previously woven in a traditional way and then sewn together. Once finished, the fabric is cooked by mixing it with macerated leaves as a vegetable dye.

The technique takes a long time to complete, it is very laborious, since the fabric has to be immersed several times in the dye obtained from the trees depending on the tone we want to achieve, combining it with drying and washing phases so that the colors are attach to the primary cotton fabric. Once the necessary color is obtained, they paint with mud.

Each piece is unique and may suffer small variations since it is a handmade piece.

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