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NouNou Vessel

NouNou Vessel

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Country: Burkina Faso

Material: Terracotta

Measurements: 22x30cm


Terracotta vessels are characteristic of the Burkina Faso area.
The reliefs on some of them usually indicate their origin in the Lobi Ethnicity, an ethnic group that lives in the Gaoua and Diebougou regions of Burkina Faso.
Revered as sacred water vessels, African lobi vessels were used in temples and homes across Africa throughout the 20th century.

Pottery is found on many altars and is often made especially for placement on them. The vessels, like all traditional African pottery, are constructed by hand. The Lobi use a combination of pressing a clay mass to start the vessel and then add rolls of clay that are smoothed to make the walls. The dry vessels are fired in the open air, without a pit, with firewood as fuel.

This piece can be considered a very special vase, since it has an opening in the head area so you can fill it with flowers and decorate your space in a unique way.

*All products are made by hand so there may be some variation in shape and size.

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