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This Christmas give objects with history

There Christmas It is already here and with it come celebrations, family days and gifts.

In Sankore We support responsible consumption throughout the year, and in particular during these dates, and we believe that the act of giving a gift is a ritual full of meaning, almost ceremonial. So the object to give away must be unique and special.

For this reason, we want to share with you the history of our African bronzes, perfect pieces to give away this Christmas, decorative and with a story behind them.


Our bronzes come mainly from Mali, Cameroon and Nigeria. If there is a technique that can characterize the work of metals and especially bronze, it is that of lost wax

This technique is a sculptural procedure of very old tradition, it is very laborious and requires a long manufacturing process. It is made using a beeswax mold.

This procedure for manufacturing small, and not so small, bronze sculptures has been practiced in almost all of Africa, mainly in coastal areas because it is easier to obtain raw materials.

Each figure has a meaning.

Tortoise: They are the mediators between heaven and earth, they are divine messengers. They symbolize long life.


Chameleon: It is the oldest creature, it precedes the African man. Is
considered protector of humanity and symbol of wisdom. 


For all this, until December 6, we make a 15% discount in our entire collection of bronzes by entering the code BRONZE15

This Christmas give away art, give away a little piece of Africa.


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