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The Trend of decorating with wood

In the world of home decoration, each season brings with it new trends and elements that transform our spaces into unique and welcoming places. This OW23/24 season, wood is presented as a fundamental element to achieve a warm and authentic atmosphere in your home. Influenced by the seventies inspiration that floods both materials and the style of furniture this season, wood has always been a primary material in any decoration magazine. And if we talk about unique and special wood, we cannot fail to mention the Sankore Africa wood collection, an inexhaustible source of beauty and meaning.

The Wealth of the Woods of Sankore Africa

Wood is a timeless material that never goes out of style, and this season, its versatility and beauty stand out more than ever. At Sankore Africa , they have a collection of woods from different places in Africa, each with its own meaning and uniqueness.

One of the most notable woods in their collection comes from Burkina Faso . These woods are known for their strength and natural beauty. In addition to their durability, Burkina Faso woods have a rich cultural history, as they are often used in the creation of traditional African sculptures and furniture. Incorporating these woods into your home is a way to take with you a part of African history and craftsmanship.

Another source of inspiration is Dogon wood , originally from Mali. Dogon wood is known for its aesthetic appeal and deep cultural significance. In Dogon culture, wood is used to create sculptures and ceremonial masks that symbolize the connection between the living and ancestors. By incorporating this wood into your decor, you are inviting deep spirituality and a sense of connection to African tradition into your home.

Last but not least, we have Ethiopian woods . These woods are prized for their uniqueness and beauty. Each piece tells a unique story and carries with it the charm of African craftsmanship. Using Ethiopian woods in your decoration is a way to add authenticity and elegance to your space.

Ethiopia chair

How to Decorate with Unique Woods from Sankore Africa

The Sankore Africa wood collection offers you a unique opportunity to transform your home into a space full of beauty and meaning. Here are some ideas to incorporate these woods into your decor:

Wooden Sculptures: The Sankore Africa collection offers a wide variety of hand-carved sculptures in different styles and sizes. These sculptures represent the craftsmanship of African artists and can be centerpieces in your decoration.

African Masks: African masks are an important part of African culture and art. In the Sankore Africa collection, you will find unique and authentic masks that you can hang on your walls or display on shelves to add an African touch to your home.

Decoration Pieces: In addition to sculptures and masks, Sankore Africa offers a variety of smaller decoration pieces, such as bowls and wood carvings. These pieces are ideal for adding unique details to your decoration.

Wooden Furniture: If you are looking for larger items for your home, the Sankore Africa collection also includes handcrafted wooden furniture such as coffee tables and chairs. These pieces are not only functional but are also works of art in themselves.

Coffee table

The Sankore Africa wood collection, with its diverse origins and deep meanings, allows you to create a unique environment that reflects your appreciation of African culture and the natural beauty of wood.


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