Inspiración en la Historia de Sankore, la Primera Universidad de África

Inspiration in the History of Sankore, Africa's First University

Today we want to tell you a little more about our name, Sankore, which has its roots in Sankore University , an iconic institution that marked a milestone in African educational history.

Origins of Sankore and its Meaning

Founded in the 12th century in Mali, Sankore stood as a beacon of knowledge at a time of extraordinary cultural diversity in Africa. This university, revered for its focus on multidisciplinary knowledge, shares unexpected similarities with the cultural wealth that inspires Sankore Africa designs today.

Sankore Africa: Reflection of Heritage and Style

More than just a decoration brand, Sankore Africa is a living testimony of history and modernity. His creations capture the essence of African cultural wealth, just as Sankore University represented a melting pot of wisdom and tradition in its time.

Sankore Africa's vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and distinctive decorative elements reflect the diversity of disciplines that converged in ancient Sankore: from mathematical precision to artistic expression and philosophical depth.


Continuity of Inspiration

The connection between Sankore history and Sankore Africa designs highlights the importance of preserving and celebrating African cultural roots in the modern context. This bridge between the past and the present is reflected in each piece of decoration, carrying with it a story that transcends the boundaries of time.

Maintaining Tradition in Innovation

Sankore Africa, by incorporating the ancient values ​​of learning and diversity, creates a visual symphony that embodies the essence of a dynamic and multifaceted Africa. This fusion between the history of Sankore and modern artistic and decorative expression demonstrates that tradition can shine in innovation.

The inspiration that emanates from Sankore University to the designs of Sankore Africa is a powerful reminder that cultural legacy can flow through novel forms, keeping history alive in every contemporary detail.

Kuba Fabrics by Sankore

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