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Peralta Vidavi Lighting, Quality Craft Design

Peralta Vidavi Lighting is another of our most special collaborators in our Space Decor.
The Peralta brand represents the experience and good work of more than 40 years in the world of lighting and screen.
The Vidavi brand represents since 2011 elegance, innovation, transgression, customized customization and exclusivity in lampshade and lamp models.


photo: @peralta_vidaviluminacion

Peralta Iluminación transmits in each of its designs the exclusivity, quality and distinction. Currently, customization is a fundamental added value in decorative objects so that they can be adapted to all kinds of businesses and hotel chains, which are its main customers.
The craftsmanship allows the creation of exclusive, different pieces that generate in the customer a feeling of total personalization.
For this reason, being able to use the best fabrics, create shapes, manufacture structures in any size and measure, makes it possible for clients to obtain spaces where they can put their own stamp and distinguish themselves from any other.

Without going any further, for Sankore Africa they have designed exclusive lamps with our bogolan fabrics with a unique design.

 Peralta Lighting by Sankore Africa

Available in our Decor Space:  Paseo de John Lennon 12, 28906 Getafe


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