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Trends in decoration 2023: Claiming the craft

Since confinement, the universe of interior design has not stopped gaining followers. Therefore, knowing the trends in home decoration has generated a claim at the level of fashion or beauty collections on social networks.

It is decoration trends 2023 are influenced by the social and cultural situation in which we currently live, giving greater importance to the products and sustainable materials. Although there are always purely aesthetic elements, the respect and integration of nature in our homes has a leading role this year. 

Decoración integrando naturaleza


Fine Materials: wood, raffia and natural stones.

The materials that bring us closer to an imperfect beauty and therefore handmade, will be a must this year. pieces like ours moroccan vases, ancient vessels o to sankore speckled tableware, have their material as a common denominator: the terracotta. All these pieces are handmade by artisans in the area, which makes it possible to appreciate the imperfections typical of handmade products. On the other hand, the more pure wood decorations the better, as well as raffia for basketry, rugs and wall hangings.

Platos batonga hechos con rafia


Neutral tones to bring warmth to spaces.

The colors that will dominate in 2023 remain neutral. Sand or stone tones, combining with darker or white pieces. These tones bring warmth and remind us of Mediterranean landscapes. Our Kuba Kasai cushion cover, with its brown and earthy tones, it is a great complement to living rooms or rooms decorated in neutral colours.

Tonos terracota para la decoración


Nature, the best inspiration.

Mid-Century Modern and the Nordic style will continue to have a presence, but if we must highlight a reigning aesthetic in 2023, it is one that pays homage to nature. This style is clearly influenced by the new ways of living in accordance with sustainability and love for nature, for this reason imperfect beauty, together with some vintage element, He will accompany us in our homes. Thus, the handcrafted elements with a vintage air that fill any room with personality are highlighted once again. Our stools and chairs brought directly from Ethiopia, are the most elegant representation that a vintage piece can be the total protagonist of your decoration.

Decoración inspirada en m ateriales naturales


In short, this year what is sought is to acquire beautiful pieces like the ones we have in Sankore, from sustainable sources. “Sustainability is still a buzzword in interior designsays Amy Paice, interior designer at Henry Prideux Interior Design.
We love these trends for 2023, how about you?



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